13 Smart Camping Tricks You Will Want To Know For Your Next Trip!

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Camping season is in full swing and all those who go camping are always looking for neat and nifty tips and tricks to make their camping trip that much cooler! Here are 13 awesome tips and tricks that you will no doubt want to try on your next adventure!

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Create A softer landing!

Use foam floor mats to shield your feet against the hard surface of the ground!

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Glue sandpaper to your matchbox

Your matches will stay dry and assure you that you always have a nice striking pad to light a match.

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Make hand washing easy!

Create a sink by refilling an old laundry detergent jug with water and placing a bucket below to catch all the runoff.

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Protect your paper!

Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip like having no toilet paper or even worse…having toilet paper that is soaking wet! Keep yours dry by storing it in an old CD spindle.

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Keep ice contained!

Use frozen water jugs as your main source of keeping your foods and beverages cold. This will ensure that your food and goods do not become wet and soggy as they typically do when filling a cooler with just ice.

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